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Licensed & Insured for Your Protection & Peace of Mind


Precision Painting is licensed by the State of Illinois and County of Champaign.  Our business number is 2004-048.  We are fully insured by both Workman's Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance in the amount of one million dollars.

Why hire a licensed contractor?
Hiring a licensed painting contractor will give you peace of mind that the business owner is responsible and thorough with their business operating procedures. It ensures that they have met all of the requirements to act as a painting contractor in Champaign County.

Why make sure your contractor is insured?
It is very important that any contractor you hire to work in your home has both worker's compensation and liability insurance. Did you know that if you hire an uninsured contractor and one of their workers is injured working at your home that they can sue you for damages? In addition, if the contractor does not have liability insurance and they damage your property or your neighbor's property you could be stuck with the bill.

For your peace of mind, please review our contractor's license and certificate of insurance below.

Certificate of Insurance
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