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Our Work Process


We take pride in our work and the commitment to quality that Precision Painting offers. Here is the basic process that we use for our interior and exterior projects:

Exterior Home Painting Process


  • Apply TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) with chlorine to all mildewed  and chalky areas.

  • Pressure wash entire exterior to clean.

  • Scrape to remove all failing paint.

  • Feather sand non-failing paint.

  • Prime bare wood with SuperBond.

  • Prime rusted metal with anti-corrosive oil based metal primer.

  • Caulk cracks around windows and doors with 55 year siliconized caulk.

  • Nail in loose boards with spirall nails.

  • Fill loose or missing wood knots.

  • Prime wood knots.

  • Reglaze windows where necessary.

We use top of the line Sherwin Williams Resilience products made to stand up to the wide range of weather and temperatures experienced in Illinois.

Interior Painting Process


  • Move the furniture to the center of the room

  • Remove pictures and window treatments

  • Wipe down walls and trim

  • Mask all areas where necessary

  • Place drop cloths/rosin paper on flooring

  • Repair holes in drywall

  • Sand repairs to smooth

  • Prime all stained, marked, and repair spots

  • Apply two coats of top of the line latex paint to walls

  • Unmask trim

  • Paint trim where relevant

  • Remove all materials

  • Vacuum/Sweep area

  • Replace furniture, pictures, and window treatments

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